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About Randy & Friends

Randy and Friends, Inc., a 501(c)3 non-profit organization, envisions creating a community that gives each person the opportunity to reach their full potential and accomplish their dreams. Randy and Friends, Inc. began in Gainesville, Georgia and we have been blessed with growing our mission of helping individuals with disabilities into Forsyth, Fulton, Dawson and Lumpkin counties as we continue to serve in Hall county.  Our awesome job coaches tap into the individual strengths and creativity of each young adult with the end desire that they become successful, independent with a job. Our training programs are invaluable to developing life, social and job skills such as wood working, horticulture, outdoor sports, communications, customer service and other marketable skills.

Our Mission:

A Christian ministry providing adults with disabilities, opportunities to fulfill God’s plan for their lives.

Our History

Marty and Randy Owens founded Randy and Friends, Inc. in 2012 with a goal that every person be given the opportunity for a meaningful life by discovering their gifts, then developing them to serve in their community. Randy and Friends, Inc. has grown from serving one county, Hall County, to serving counties all around us.


Randy and Friends, Inc. continues to rapidly grow in order to serve the increasing number of associates and Hall and Forsyth counties. We would like to show how much we appreciate all of our staff and the hard work they do for our mission and our associates.

Marty Owens


Dennis Scheidt


Colleen Pirkle

Employment Specialist

Dexter Williams

R & F Woodworking Manager

D'ete Sewell

Rooster's Perch Manager

Nick Raptis

Operations Manager

Sarah Strawser

Community Engagement Manager

Alan Wallhausen

Business Services

Becca Bowker

Lead Job Coach - Hall County

Nancy Harrison

Job Coach, Lead Curriculum

Tracy Grindle

Transition and Community Coach - Hall & Forsyth Counties

Vicki Shroyer

Woodworking Job Coach

Danny Tarver

Job Coach

Nicole Tchek


Tish Cromartie

Job Coach

Connie Hanna

Job Coach

Natalie Parker

Job Coach

Carlos Perez

Job Coach

Randi Ransom

Job Coach

Pam Crawford

Job Coach

Cody Watford


Linda English

Job Coach

Suzanne Ivarie

Job Coach
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