Creating Significant Futures

About Randy & Friends

Randy and Friends, Inc., a 501(c)3 non-profit organization with a vision to make Gainesville a model community that values all its members, including those who may have been previously overlooked because of a disability. At our facility, located at 210 Bradford Street, Gainesville, Georgia, Randy and Friends’ mentors and volunteers are tapping into the individual strengths and creativity of each young adult with the end desire that they become successful and independent. Programs such as making pottery, beading various items, wood working, horticulture, outdoor sports accessory making, communications, and others will provide training for developing marketable skills. Through the training aspect of Randy and Friends vision, learning occurs that is invaluable to developing skills for coping in an independent lifestyle. Vision: "To offer opportunities to discover and use one's abilities to enrich the community."

Our History

Marty and Randy Owens founded Randy and Friends, Inc. in 2012 with a goal that every person be given the opportunity for a meaningful life by discovering their gifts, then developing them to serve in their community. Randy and Friends, Inc. has grown from serving one county, Hall County, to serving counties all around us.

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